Are you a teacher looking for a new opportunity?

You've come to the right place because according to the Danbury Patch, Danbury Public Schools are looking to fill positions that are either vacant or mandated by the state or federal government. The following vacancies need to be filled and they are:

  1. High School Teaching (6)
  2. Middle School Teaching (1)
  3. Elementary School 
  4. Teaching (1)
  5. Substitute Teaching (7)
  6. Administration (1)
  7. Technology (7)
  8. Athletics/Activities (5)
  9. Student Support Services
  10. Maintenance/Custodial (4)
  11. (Certified) (9)
  12. Non-Certified (18)

If you click on each link not only can you read more in-depth information about that specific job, but in some cases, you may even be able to apply for the job online.