Why has this downtown Danbury snack company become so wildly successful?

When the LesserEvil snack company decided to build their factory in Danbury in 2013, they weren't aware of how incredibly successful their healthy snacks would become. Rewind to June 7, 2018 when our own Pam Brooks, a huge LesserEvil snack fan wrote a blog about their 33,000 feet factory expansion in Commerce Park which is triple the size of their original factory. You can read our original blog here.

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LesserEvil is now planning to expand yet again inside their Danbury plant in Commerce Park. The newstimes.com has reported that the company has raised $1.8 million against a possible $6 million round of funding. That's a lot of popcorn! We're happy to report that LesserEvil has found a new investor for the expansion.

Organic everything is popular and that's exactly what LesserEvil snacks are all about, organic snacks that are delicious. Their slogan is simple: "Snacks That Taste and Feel Good." Where can you find stores that sell LesserEvil snacks in the Danbury area? Click on their store locator at lesserevil.com. You can also purchase their products at their online store.