On November 1, 2019, a winning $25 Million Lottery ticket was purchased in Danbury, CT. The tickets was purchased at the Stop N' Shop, and a few days after the ticket was purchased, a personality on our sister station wrote an article about it. At the end of that article he wrote, "P.S. If you are the winner and reading this, can I borrow $71 dollars?"

The following is his first-hand account of a very interesting (and hysterical) series of events: 

Yesterday, there was some mail waiting for me at the front desk. I opened it and inside was a very surprising note. This is that note:

Lou's phone

Along with the note came a money order for $71 dollars. That is what you call paying it forward. Everyone I told about this says I should have asked for more and I disagree. If I asked for a ridiculous amount of money, I would have gotten none. I got it because it was a small, very specific, funny amount to ask for.

Flash forward to yesterday afternoon, and I actually tried to cash the thing at a local check cashing spot in Danbury, CT. Oh, what a top-notch outfit that place is.

There were mutants outside arguing over minutes on a burner phone, the line took me thirty minutes to get through, and when I got to the front, they said I could not cash it.

Apparently, you can not cash a money order without the name and address of the person sending it, which they did not provide. It does not matter to me because the story is better than the money and worth way more than $71.

Thank you to the person who sent it.

Lou's phone

One of the weirdest faces I've ever made. The money order is definitely real -- what a fun gesture.

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