I've seen a lot of things in my 18 years of commuting to the radio station, but I'm here to tell you I've never seen this before.

You know I rant about my miserable commute from home to work frequently. I talk about it a lot while I'm on the air. I also call my husband and rant and rave during my drive about the idiocy all around me. I called him this morning for a whole different reason. He actually left home about an hour ahead of me today, and was driving the same route I always do. So I knew when I saw what I thought I saw, I could confirm it with him.

A bit beyond exit 17 West bound on I84 in Middlebury Connecticut, at about 7:30 a.m., I was pretty certain I saw a dead bear just off the left side of the highway, looking like it had been hit. When I called the hubby to ask if he saw it too, or was I crazy, he told me that the guy he was driving with thought it was a carpet, until they saw all the blood!

I spoke with a dispatcher for the State Police, Troop A Southbury, and she confirmed that the bear had been struck by a car sometime overnight. Thankfully no one in the vehicle was injured. Sadly not the same for the bear. By the way, there was also a dead deer on the right shoulder not too much farther down the highway.

This is crazy stuff. Back in January I shared this with you.

Dare I say, this is yet another reason you need to be really alert when you drive. Stop texting while driving, you never know what might take you by surprise.