Dierks Bentley continued his Burning Man Tour on Thursday, August 15th landing at the Xfinity Theatre in Hartford, Connecticut. He was joined by Tenille Townes and Jon Pardi, bringing no short of captivating music behind them.

My initial thought when I saw the ad for Dierks Bentley’s concert was excitement to see Jon Pardi. His songs have always been true to the twang of old country which has always been my favorite style. But personally, my eyes were not focused on Dierks Bentley or his music.

Californian Jon Pardi stormed the stage during his performance with the confidence of a bull. Accompanying him was countless red solo cups that he kept raising to the “full moon” in the sky that night. I wouldn’t have pegged him as someone interested in astrology or astronomy, but maybe the beer was the reason he repeatedly hollered at the moon after each of his songs. Pardi played some his hit songs such as “Night Shift”, “Head Over Boots” and “Heartache Medication” which had everyone in the crowd swaying and singing. He also included new songs from his album such as “Me And Jack” and “Ain’t Always The Cowboy” changing up the tempo from fast and fun to melancholy and slower. Overall, his performance was top tier, and to be expected as this is his third tour with Dierks Bentley.

Emily O'Toole

Now, the interesting part of the night for me personally was Dierks Bentley. As I said previously, I only initially attended because of Jon Pardi. but Dierks Bentley’s stage presence blew me after about 2 seconds. “Burning Man” blasted through the speakers first with the light show behind him stunning the entire venue. The array of colors and sound made you feel like you were at a party with 20,000 of your friends and family. He sang his hits that included “Somewhere on a Beach” and “Black” which everyone knew each word to. My favorite song of the night was “Women, Amen” because his genuine singing provided a personal touch to his concert, making the crowd completely gush over him. Compared to Jon Pardi, Dierks Bentley also had intense light show configurations as well as music videos on the screen behind him.

Many other local KICKS 105.5 fans felt the same emotions at the concert as I did here's some of the feedback about the show:

After that night, I can say Dierks Bentley won me over and I look forward attending future concerts of him!

Emily O'Toole