Pine Island is one of the larger islands on Candlewood Lake and it looks like it's partially inhabited -- except the one time we stopped by to explore.

Pine Island is located between Candlewood Shores in Brookfield and Candlewood Isle in New Fairfield, not too far from Down the Hatch and Echo Bay Marina.

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I've always found this island a bit mysterious because when you cruise by, there are a few boat docks, with some so dilapidated they're not functional. There are, what look to be like campsites with a variety of personal items strewn about like some sort of natural disaster was brewing and anyone on the island had to run for cover quickly! We're talking rusty beach chairs, a leftover sneaker, or maybe a blowup water raft from 1992.

During the off season, we docked our party barge at Pine Island on one of those docks that was falling apart and took a look around. We found some articles of clothing, old fire pits, rusted out lawn furniture, and even clothes lines. There were even some partially built structures on the island. It was a surreal picture. My question is, does anyone own or have the rights to these plots of land?

One of the More Civilized Areas on Pine Island - Credit Ethan Carey

According to a July 2013 article in the NewsTimes, Pine Island is divided up by private owners. These owners are not allowed to build private structures, but if you take a look at the photo above, someone doesn't get it. Not everyone, but some weekend boaters end up trashing some of Candlewood Lake's islands leaving behind garbage, empty cans, and fire pits. Some disrespectful lake goers even think it's OK to chop down wood on the island to build their fires. C'mon people, don't be an ass-hat, even if you're not from around here and you're using our lake for just a weekend, please be respectful and clean up after yourself. Thank You!