Two recent DEC graduates are credited with tracking down and saving a distressed and injured hawk.

A Putnam County resident reported seeing of an injured hawk. The caller stated he saw the animal hopping across a highway and had stopped to make sure the bird wasn't in distress. He then realized there was something wrong with the bird and called the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, officials say.

Recent DEC graduates, Geoffrey Younglove and Charles Eyler III, of the DEC's Basic School for Uniformed Officers, responded to the call.

The young pair soon found the injured hawk on Route 100 in the Town of Somers. They noted the hawk appeared injured, lethargic and was unable to fly.

ECO Trainee Eyler captured the raptor, pictured above. The bird was then transported to a local wildlife rehabilitator, who is nursing the bird back to health for release back into the wild.