As heard this morning with Mr. Morning & Suzy, a scoutmaster recently did a competitive eating exhibition for all the right reasons, even though it’s dangerous and certain to cause gastric distress.

KTRK-TV in Houston reports that one man in Texas decided to challenge himself for charity. An assistant scoutmaster for Boy Scout troop 137 in Fredericksburg, Texas, identified only as Johnny, participated in a challenge to eat 23 ghost peppers.

For the record Johnny did this incredibly dangerous stunt to bring light to the fact that the Troop desperately need scholarship money, money for uniforms and money to go on trips."

So they filmed Johnny eating the peppers. The video was posted on YouTube and is starting to draw some attention to the cause.

The ghost pepper, is one of the hottest peppers in the world. Johnny consumes and entire plate of Gourmet peppers in a short time.

Johnny seemed unfazed during the video but later gets hiccups and then becomes incredibly sick afterwards.

Hopefully Johnny will recover quickly and the stunt will raise some much needed money for the troop.

Donations to help the troop, or to help Johnny recover made be made online via PayPal.

Now watch Johnny take one, or should I say 23, for the cause:


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