During the Olympics, we hear a lot about it. We are inundated on television, radio and you hear people talking about it all over town. Do we really care, though? Do we truly care or do we pretend to care, because we would be wrong not to?

I've done some serious personal reflection on this. I watch the opening ceremonies always. I keep track of the medal count for the radio show, and I follow Michael Phelps. Is that me caring?

My answer is yes. Fact is, outside of these two weeks, not one of these sports or events grabs my attention. However, I will put aside my personal boredom to show some patriotism and support my country.

We should all care. We should all have some interest, right now. The reasons are simple.

No matter what the sport, game of skill, etc., we should want our country to win at any and all things. Furthermore, the great dedication and hard work that these athletes show, in the name of this country, to compete at the highest level is undeniable. That should be supported and appreciated. It should be appreciated, because they are showing the world what we are made of. USA, USA, USA, USA, USA!

By the way, for those who don't know, we currently lead the medal count with 19. China is in second. We don't want to lose to them in yet another thing. GO 'MURICA