According to the News Times Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton has taken to Twitter to defend his new noise ordinance. 

Noise, especially in the spring and summer, has long been a problem in Danbury. Mayor Boughton has now done something about it. Danbury will be the first city in the entire state of Connecticut to police sound without the use of decibel meters. Meaning police and noise patrol officers will be able to make the judgement call on the spot as to what is and is not too loud.

We talked about this on the show this morning, and, as expected, there were many people who applaud the new effort. I was, however, very surprised to hear how many people think that the ordinance is unnecessary. Their feeling was that we should all just enjoy the music, and the environment it creates. Or, as my wife so eloquently put it, "Let the music fill your soul, and then we rage in unison."

So, what of it? Do you think the noise ordinance is a good idea or a bad idea? Or do you just wanna let the music fill your soul so we can rage in unison?