With the Presidential Election a little over a month away many people still haven't decided which political party to support. Well if your one of those people still wondering who's best for our country, look to your diet.

The way you eat may help you figure out which way you should vote. Do you eat like a Republican or like a Democrat.

According to a recent story at time.com the division in this country is even greater then we thought. Republicans and Democrats don't even like the same foods.

Data for this survey was provided by grubhub.com, which is an online food delivery service that teams up with restaurants around the country. Ordering habits of people in nearly 200 congressional districts were measured. Some 175 popular items were ordered and 75% of those items had a correlation to the political party of those districts.

So take the test, pick one food in each line that you would eat if given a choice. Keep track of how many you choose from each political party. Then at the end see which one of the parties you choose more food from.

Democratic Foods Republican Foods
Veggie Burger Hamburger
Chicken Tikka Masala Sweet & Sour Chicken
Muffin Brownie
Burrito Gyro
Avocado Salad Caesar Salad
Lentil Soup Wonton Soup
BLT Buffalo chicken wrap
Summer roll Egg roll
Marherita Pizza Barbecue Chicken Pizza
Guacamole Mozzarella stick

Now you should know what political party you eat like. If you picked 5 from each side then may I suggest a coin flip. For everyone else this may help you big time to decide which way to go in November.

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