Yes, this election is one of the weirdest in our history, but you must make your voice heard.

No doubt, this presidential election will go down as one of the strangest, nastiest, and most unexpected political races that the United States has ever seen.

I expect voting numbers to be off the charts. So, let me pass this handy guide along just in case you weren't aware. The deadlines in Connecticut are November 1 both online and by mail. You may also register in person at the voting polls on November 8.

A comprehensive guide with answers to questions like the following can be found at

  • How can I check my registration?
  • Am I eligible to vote?
  • Can I register on election day, and more, can be found

I have to tell you, I think Katy Perry can be funny as hell, plus that body! Check out her hysterical PSA for Rock the Vote that she did with FunnyorDie: