It's a fact that most dogs are terrified of loud noises, especially fireworks.

According to the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan, it's natural for your dog to be afraid of loud noises that trigger their nervous systems, which is why running away from the sound is a natural survival technique. Because fireworks are closer to the ground, and more vibrant than thunder, it's not unusual for your dog to freak out. Dogs experience their world through their senses, which is why even firecrackers from the neighbors next door will scare the living bejesus out of your pet.

Lucy sleeping on the bed - ethan's photos

Lisa Bonanno-Spence from the Westchester SPCA told the Southeast Brewster Patch that even dogs with invisible fences will tolerate that electric shock to get away from the pops and booms from the fireworks. Both Cesar Milan and Bonanno-Spence recommend the Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Treatmentwhich comforts the dog through the pressure of the vest, much like hugging a baby will help stop their crying.

Milan says it's important that your dog is calm before you put on their Thundershirt or administer any anti-anxiety medication. Some other helpful hints to get your dog through the 4th of July fireworks are exercise, taking them out for a brisk walk and pee break will help calm them down. Find a safe place indoors for your dog to hang out with some ambient music or TV sounds to help drown out the fireworks. Keep your windows closed, and for God's sake, DO NOT take them to the Danbury Fair Mall Fireworks this Saturday, July 2nd.