Sarah, who is part of our KICKS 105.5 Roadcrew, tried to get us to be healthy and brought in quote/unquote "energy shots." As you look at the pictures, it is quite clear that a: we're not healthy and/or b: we're not used to healthy energy shots.

However, the most interesting thing of all was about to happen as we did these staff-bonding shots. This is the biggest scoop in the history of this radio station.

I have proof that Mr. Morning is an alien.

As you can see by the photos, these shots were not for the faint of heart or esophagus. They were with us for a long time afterwards, probably because they were made from ginger, lemon, the blue part of a flame and I swear I saw Linda Blair standing nearby.

But take a look at us vs. Mr. Morning.

After this, Mr. Morning promptly left the building in what appeared to be a saucer-like vehicle.

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