Now let me start things off by saying I am not a spicy wing person. Never have been. Never will be. But, I know a lot of you like it hot, and some, even hotter. So for you, the spicy, hot, and inferno wing lover, here you go.


Normally, I wouldn't be writing about wings, no less spicy or hot ones. But with our CT Wing Fest coming up on Saturday and the wings flowing freely here in the studio all this week, the subject of heat and intensity has come up quite often. So not to miss out on a good thing, I figured it wouldn't hurt to post a few video's of people eating spicy and hot wing for your entertainment pleasure.

Now, the debate has been raging since the first man or woman took a bite of a spicy or hot wing, and immediately screamed like they were being scolded. Maybe they were. Some think it's just a measure of how brave and daring someone is to attempt such a feat. Others claim it's just stupidity, but I think some people just like it that way. The hotter the better.

So if you dare, feast your eyes on these people trying to contain the burn. Don't worry if you can't wait to sink your teeth into the spice of it all. We'll take care of that at our 2nd annual CT Wing Fest this Saturday. (Below the video's you'll find a link where you can get your tickets to be there and join us).




Just click here to get your CT Wing Fest Tickets.


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