You might think double dipping a chip at a Super Bowl party this weekend is a victimless crime. Really, what's the worst thing that can happen?

Scientists at Tulane did a study that shows going to a Super Bowl Party can KILL you. They found that people die from the flu in greater numbers when their city's team plays in the Super Bowl, but the city that's actually hosting the game has no increase in mortality. So, the scientists blamed it on Super Bowl parties where strangers get together and give each other germs. They advise people to wash their hands, and avoid double dipping!

Technically, the study says that mortality rates only increase among people 65 and above. Presumably, they only studied older populations because dying from the flu is so rare in younger people.

The researchers do say one of the main problems is that people are more likely to attend big Super Bowl parties with people they don't know, and whose germs they aren't used to.


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