I'm sure it's on the minds of most who had the idea to dress as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton this Halloween. Sure it's topical and fun, but is it safe?

There's nothing more controversial these days than mentioning the names of Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Not only does it spark debate, but it could get downright violent. So, when I got this e-mail from Rita in Dover Plains, I figured she needed some advice. Today, I put it to you.

Check out the e-mail, then cast your vote below. Not for Donald or Hillary, but for safety and peace of mind.

Mr. Morning,


I heard you do these e-mail things in the past, do you think you can ask your listeners about this.

There's no denying this presidential race has been contentious, but my kids want to have a little fun with it.

My 10-year-old son wants to dress up as TRUMP, and my eight-year-old daughter wants to go as HILLARY CLINTON.

I think the idea is hilarious . . . my son wants to paint himself orange and give himself a comb-over, and my daughter will wear a pantsuit.

I guess I'm just worried how other people will respond.  I don’t want parents getting into politics with me, and I don't want my kids getting into it with their friends either.

Should I let my kids dress up as Trump and Clinton for Halloween?  Or is that just asking for trouble?


-Rita, from Dover Plains

Let's try and help Rita, and her kids, too. Cast your vote, and listen to Kicks in the Morning this week for results.

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