It's that time of year. Time to start spring cleaning. We're getting to the point where the windows can be opened and fresh are will once again be circulating through the house, but along with that comes the refreshing of the whole house.

Unless you are a "Danny Tanner" type, it can be a very daunting task. It's hard to make yourself spend the time inside cleaning when it's so nice outside, though it is nice to have that refreshed feel in the home after the spring cleaning frenzy is done.

I found an article from Good Housekeeping that lays out 30 days of spring cleaning. I like this idea, because it lays out a plan for you. Having certain tasks to do every day takes away the stress of thinking about all the things you want to get done. Plus, you can make it into a checklist and get the satisfaction of checking something off every day.

Here are some of the days that are planned in the Good Housekeeping article:

  • Day 1 - Use your dishwasher to clean things like glass light-fixtures and plastic toys. The article points out that it can handle much more than just washing dishes.
  • Day 5 - This tip explains how using damp rubber gloves can remove pet hair from furniture.
  • Day 16 - This tip tells you how distilled white vinegar and baking soda can help disinfect your washing machine.
  • Day 22 - Baking soda and table salt can help clean dirty drains. This tip tells you how.
  • Day 27 - This tip uses dish detergent and warm water to get your patio furniture ready.

For the full list you can see the article from Good Housekeeping.

Have started your spring cleaning?

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