If you're still flushing unused prescription drugs down your toilet, grow up!

So much has been written in the past couple of decades about trace amounts of these improperly discarded drugs showing up in our public water supply. It must be stopped. I don't want to take your Lipitor with my morning coffee. Not to mention the fact that over half of teens that abuse medicines get them from a family member or friend's medicine cabinet -- often withour their knowledge.

Danbury is doing something about it. Saturday, October 22, stop by the Danbury Police Department at 375 Main Street between 10 AM and 2 PM, and drop off your unused/expired/unwanted prescription meds. There aren't many restrictions in place, except for they will not accept sharps/needles/syringes, any chemotherapy drugs, or any radioactive meds.

My hometown of Waterbury has held a few of these collections in the past, and I found it extremely convenient. After my mom passed away last year, I had hundreds and hundreds of medications leftover from her battle with COPD and congestive heart failure. If these medications found their way into the wrong hands, they could have caused a fatal reaction.

Take a few minutes in the next few days and clean out your expired or unused medications. With the prescription drug abuse epidemic that is presently facing our society, by taking advantage of this excellent community event, you could be saving lives.