Dustin Lynch surprised unsuspecting trolley riders who were headed to Luke Bryan's Kill the Lights Tour at Chicago's Wrigley Field over the weekend. The singer hopped on the trolley and performed for Big 95.5 radio listeners while the vehicle was in motion.

When asked by a fan what happens when the trolley stops moving, he simply asked, "Please catch me." Lynch and his guitar player began his first single "Cowboys and Angels" while the trolley rolled along.

"Now we're talking. Good thing I'm not drunk," he joked as he balanced himself to play guitar and sing.

He managed to get the lines out without falling over as the trolley continued to the baseball stadium. "I've never been on a trolley in my life," he responded when asked if he'd ever ridden one before.

Later, Lynch performed his No. 1 song "Mind Reader," but the song got off to a difficult start when police sirens were heard in the background, so the singer paused until the cop car passed.

"You all know the first verse now, help me out," he said as he started the song for the second time.

Fans sang along to "Mind Reader," as well as previous No. 1 hit, "Where It's At." Later, Lynch would perform each song again as part of Bryan's sold-out show at Wrigley Field.

Last week, Lynch celebrated his third consecutive No. 1 song with "Mind Reader" in Nashville. At a press event before the celebration, Lynch told Taste of Country that he loved the song the moment he heard it while on the road between Seattle and Portland. He said: “When a big song comes to you, you remember where you were."

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