Not long ago, I wrote a post about the EverWonder Children's Museum in Newtown. There is a lot for the kids to experience here, and the fact that it is hands on is a big plus for the kids. So, I was very happy to find out they host birthday parties at the museum.

My daughter had so much fun during our first visit to the museum that it was an easy decision to have the party there. She was very excited to have a party with all of her little friends in such a fun place.

I have to say, I was pretty impressed with her party. The birthday child gets to pick an activity to do for the party. She decided on the hovercraft activity.The actual hovercrafts were made before we got there. They took an old CD, and super glued a water bottle top to it. Pretty creative and simple to make.

The kids each decorated their hovercraft and then they got to race them!

How does it work?  While the top is closed, blow up a balloon and put it over the top, then open the top, and watch your hovercraft hover.

They give you quite a few choices of crafts. Here are the other choices:

  •  Sound Science – Kids get to make kazoo style instrument
  • Chemical Reaction – Make Elephant Toothpaste
  • Spin Art
  • Clay – Kids get to sculpt with clay
  • Art Meets Science – Kids get to create collages with watercolor, salt, and glue.
  • Garden Party – This is a new option for spring and summer. Kids hear the story The Tiny Seed and plan peat pods and seeds in clay pots

So, the kids will make whatever craft they picked first. After they finish the craft they get to explore the museum for about half an hour or so. Then it's time to eat!

The museum will provide everything needed for the crafts, and they do have table cloths for the table. You will have to bring plates, napkins, drinks, and the food. We also brought balloons with a weight to put in the middle of the table.

There is a room off of the classroom that allows you to store your supplies, the cake, goodie bags, coats, presents, and anything else you want to keep out of the classroom. It's a pretty good size room, so it's nice to have that extra space.

A great time was had by all. Not only did the kids have fun, but the parents did too.

Here is a little more information about the birthday parties:

  • Available Party Times: 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. (parties last 2 hours)
  • Cost (as of 3/8/2016, the prices will increase beginning 4/1/2016)
    • Members (10% discount) : $224.10 (247.50 after 4/1/2016)
    • Non-Members: $249 (275 after 4/1/2016)
  • If you want to have a party outside of normal operating hours it's $349.
  • Number of Kids Included in Price: 15 are included in the price and then it's $10 for each additional child. The max number of kids allowed (due to classroom size) is 20. 16 adults are also included in the price.

Here is some general information about the museum:

  • If you don’t have a membership the admission for adults and kids over 1 is $7.44 (tax included).
  • They are a 501(c)3 organization that was started in 2011 and has grown quite a bit since then. They have been in their current location for less than a year.
  • You can find them at 31 Pecks Lane in Newtown, CT.

Thank you to Paul, who taught the kids about air for the hovercraft project. You did a great job! Also, thank you to the woman at the front desk (I'm sorry I didn't get your name) who made the origami bird for my daughter. She does this for the birthday kids, and my daughter loves it! Those special little touches go a long way!

Another successful trip to the EverWonder Children's Museum is in the books!

For more info about the museum or how to contact them, visit

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