I have heard of people taking a poll about what to name their pets, or even their child. It can be kind of a risk asking the public to help name anyone or anything. If it's not taken seriously, you can end up with a name you don't want. The National Environment Research Council (NERC) is finding out just how silly the public can be.

According to CBS News, NERC put the poll up for the U.K. public to vote on, suggesting using a historical figure or landmark. However, people decided to have a little fun with the poll, and voted for some pretty ridiculous, but hysterical, names for a new state-of-the-art polar research vessel.

  • RRS Usain Boat (after Usain Bolt)
  • RRS Ice Ice Baby
  • RRS Boatimus Prime

I have to say, as much as I like "RRS Boaty McBoatface," I think my vote would be for "RRS Boatimus Prime." It just sounds like a little more intimidating than "RRS Boaty McBoatface," but we'll see how the public votes.

What would be your vote?

Here's a video from NERC, so you can see a little more about them.

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