To go along with my Exploring Local Parks series, I thought it would be helpful to list some tips to help you avoid ticks. If you go hiking in the woods you will be in tick territory, so it's good to do what you can to avoid bringing those little pests home with you.

My family loves going for walks, especially at one of the many beautiful parks we have in the area. The only problem is the tick situation. It's unavoidable. If you are outside, and in a wooded area, your chance of coming in contact with ticks is very high.

There are some things that you can do to try to keep them off of you. On there is a very helpful list. One very helpful tip is that you can where something that is treated with products containing o.5% or more of permethrin. Boots, socks, other clothing, and even tents can be treated.

Here are some other helpful tips from

  • Try to avoid wooded areas, especially areas with high grass.
  • If you are walking on a trail, walk in the center of it.
  • Repellents that have 20-30% DEET will help to keep ticks off you for many hours.
  • Once you have returned home from the walk, do a full-body tick check to make sure you don't have any on you.
  • You can throw your clothes in the dryer for an hour on high heat to kill any ticks that may be on your clothes.

Always check your pets too, if they have been on the walk with you. Just to make sure they haven't brought any back with them either.

For the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's full list check out their website.

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