We recently visited one of our favorite parks. It's located in Newtown, CT and the views a beautiful. You get a very peaceful feeling when you visit this park.

Holcombe Hill is 86 acres of land donated to the Newtown Forest Association (NFA) in 1997 by Josephine Holcombe. The views are so spectacular because the preserve is elevated 830 ft. above sea level. You can actually see three different counties from the highest point.

Photo Credit: Liz Kaye

The NFA offices, maintenance equipment, and a caretaker residence are now in the buildings on the top of the property. Not a bad view to have for work!

There are walking trails on the property, and dogs are welcome, as long as they are on a leash and you clean up after them. We spent our time at the top of the property by the NFA offices, because we wanted to fly our kite, and this is the best spot.

If you like flying kites, then you should check out this spot. The area to the top is pretty clear, and, on windy days, you can get some good height with your kite. This was the first time my daughter has flown a kite, and she loved it! The paths are long enough to get up to a good running speed to get the kite in the air.

Photo Credit: Liz Kaye

Since it's just starting to warm up, there were not a lot of people at the preserve. So, we pretty much had the area to ourselves, and it was a really nice family day. The dog loved rolling around in the grass, and laying in the sun.

Holcombe Hill is located at 55 Great Hill Road in Newtown, CT. There is a parking lot at the bottom of the hill, and it's open from sunrise to sunset. For more information, you can visit the Newtown Forest Association's website.

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