A family of four had to be rescued from Tarrywile Park on Monday night after they got lost in the park after dark.

It's a place my wife and I really enjoy going to -- a little slice of paradise right in Danbury. It's Tarrywile Park, and it offers miles of hiking trails and some spectacular views. We were there just last week around sunset and we were actually talking about how tough it would be to navigate out of the park if it got too dark.

Apparently a family of four wondered a little too deep into the park Monday night.

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According to newstimes.com and a police news release, the family was more then a mile from the park's entrance on Southern Blvd. when it got very dark and they realized they were lost. First responders got the emergency 911 call from the family around 8:40 PM.

Firefighters from both Danbury and Bethel were able to use off road vehicles and GPS tracking from the family's 911 call to locate them and lead them to safety. No members of the family were injured. Fortunately for the family, the search only took about 30 minutes from the time of the initial 911 call.

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Because of the recent incident the Danbury Fire Department issued a news release and reminder for hikers:

Always file a rough hiking plan with a friend, carry a fully charged cell phone, drinking water, and flashlight with fresh batteries in case it gets dark.

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