It was inevitable, I was going to get sick. First my son, then my husband and then my band of merry co-workers! It seems like everyone is coughing, sneezing, infesting! I tried not to get sick, but germs are relentless. So, this weekend, I was curled up on my couch, with my kitty blankie, my 3 kitties and a movie marathon. Let the healing commence!

Not that easy! This is when my investigation began. How do I not get sick?

Here's what my research uncovered:

GO OUTSIDE - taking a break from indoor germs is a great idea not to mention that exercise, like walking, builds your immune system.

STAY INSIDE - wait a minute! Didn't they just tell me to go outside? Now they're telling me to stay inside and get as much rest as possible. OK, I needed help getting confused!

DON'T BE STRESSED! - because being stressed increases your susceptibility to catch a cold. Really?! Are they really going to take that road? Who isn't stressed? If we could figure that out, we'd solve a lot more problems than how to not get a cold!

MAKE SURE YOUR HANDS ARE CLEAN - germs spread very easily through touch. Lather for 20 seconds and dry thoroughly because damp hands spread bacteria. Do they know how long 20 seconds is? I'm a disc jockey, I could read this whole post in 20 seconds and still have time to wash my hands!

MAKE SURE YOU GET 7 STRAIGHT HOURS OF SLEEP. That means no waking up in the middle of the night. Again, see the above section titled "Don't be stressed".

Here's what I think: Be smart, try not to walk into a sneeze or a cough, make sure you're listening to KICKS 105.5, (country music has been known to lessen the miserableness of a cold) and drink lots of fluids. They say water is the best but there are hot toddys too, right? Hot Toddys are fluid, aren't they?

My next investigation: what the heck is a hot toddy anyway?