It was the year that Kicks 105.5 went country. It was the year Johnny Depp played the Mad Hatter. You may have camped out to get Apple's first iPad, and Angry Birds was probably your favorite app. It was 2010, and a lot has changed since then.

Apparently, there was a wedding reception happening at the Redding Roadhouse back in April of 2010, so instead of sending out directions to the guests, someone decided to do a video of the ride from local Danbury hotels to the Redding Roadhouse. They use Walmart as a starting point, and show the guests the best way to get to the reception.

Now here are some of the changes I noticed when I first watched the video:

When they first start out, you'll notice on the right, the Action Motors dealership is long gone, replaced by the Texas Roadhouse and Aspen Dental. On the left, you'll see the old McDonald's, which has since been completely renovated, and you'll notice the trees and wooded areas were still there at the corner of Route 6 and Old Newtown Road. Even the HART Buses have a different look!

As the ride continues into Bethel, you'll notice the old Party Depot building on the left, which has been completely renovated since this video, and then check out the final destination, the old Redding Roadhouse, which closed in 2014, then reopened, then closed again, but finally reopened again earlier this year.

It's a nostalgic ride through time, so check it out and see if you can find any other changes that I may have missed:

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