I'll start by sending a HUGE thank you to the Brookfield Volunteer Fire Departments and Brookfield Police Department for all that you do everyday!

For the past few days, we had been getting weather forecasts that mentioned Fire Weather Warnings. Not something we're used to here in New England. That's more of a left coast thing. But, upon returning to the radio station yesterday afternoon, I got a quick lesson on what our California friends live with.

I was waiting to make a left at the light from Super 7 to Federal Road when I saw a weird, invisible aura of heat. You know what I mean? It looks like the air is sort of bending? I thought that was strange. As the light changed, and I turned onto Federal Road, the weird aura turned into a small puff of smoke. In the 10 seconds that it takes to go from the traffic light to the radio station driveway, I noticed that the smoke was turning into a flame. I pulled over, called 911, and reported the fire. The Operator told me that she would send a fire truck immediately. As I hung up, and looked out of my back window, I could see that an amazing flame had formed, and the field in front of the radio station was ablaze.

What alarmed me most was the incredibly short amount of time that it took from a weird invisible heat aura to a field being eaten up by huge flames. It wasn't even a full minute, and it had spread more than 200 feet.

Thankfully, fire engines arrived quickly and firefighters put out the flames.

It's scary to think that this was probably caused by a cigarette flicked from a passing car. If you smoke, please don't let things burn. I am so glad that I saw what I saw, when I saw it. If it was allowed to grow, who knows what could have happened? This was a little too close for comfort for all of us who witnessed it. In fact, we were so focused on the fire that at the same time of this event, our receptionist, Terry, who was inside the building, came running to the front window where we were watching the firefighters to tell us that there was a snake in the lobby. Yes, a SNAKE! With the fire blazing right in front of us, no one moved to help her. Everyone just kept watching the fire. Trevor, our Drone Pilot, fired up the KICKS 105.5 Drone (yeah, we have a drone, how cool is that?) to get some video, and poor Terry had to wrestle the snake to the ground on her own. -Totally kidding here, I don't know who shooed the snake out the back door, but he's gone. Everyone is fine, and no snakes were hurt in the making of this video. He was probably just trying to get a ride on the drone anyway and Terry spoiled his fun.

I was going to throw something in here like, "I know that we play the hottest country songs," but no one is finding my humor so witty at the moment. I might just go hang out with the snake.

Fire, snakes...I swear, if I see one locust, I'm outta here!

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