With Winter Storm Jonas forecast for this weekend, there are a few essentials you'll need if you want to make it thru.


Are you ready for our first winter storm of the season. We've been pretty lucky up until now with a pretty mild winter, but that's all about to change. So chances are you haven't thought too much about what you'll need to help you get by this weekend. So as a public service here's a list of things you should have ready...just in case.


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    When I think of a major snow event, I always think about the amount of milk I have in the house. Who needs water, we can live on Milk alone. Milk goes with everything. Plus the extra fat in the milk will sure help when your out there in the cold shoveling.

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    Two words "French Toast". There's nothing better then being snow bound and making something you would never make if you weren't stuck in. Plus when I want that PB&J sandwich, I want it...and I want it now.

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    Toilet Paper

    Alright I'll give you this one. There's really no substitute for the real thing. Some things you just can't do without.

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    A Ruler

    Look you have to measure the snow on your deck, or in the yard so you can post that Facebook or Instagram photo. This will probably be one of the most important things you'll do during the storm so don't screw it up. Make sure your measurement is accurate cause people need to know how much snow you got. This is a necessity.

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    A Working Computer, Laptop or Cellphone

    Don't be stuck with a great picture of the snow and not be able to post it so others know it's snowing at your house too. Plus you'll want to be able to see how the snow looks on everyone else's front steps and porches, and there's always that crazy dog or cat in the snow video that you don't want to miss.

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