At 19, Ian Bick owned Tuxedo Junction. At 21, he was sentenced to prison for wire fraud and money laundering.

On January 29, 2019, Bick was released from a Wisconsin prison camp and now temporarily lives in a halfway house. Recently, he talked with Jordan Fenster from CT Post about how he would like to get back into the nightclub business, but first, he's been court ordered to pay back the $550,000 he ripped off from investors. The following are a couple of Bick's quotes from that interview with Fenster:

I mishandled money. We were kids. You give kids a million bucks he's not going to buy jet skis and take a couple of trips?

There was the possibility Bick might have avoided any jail time if he hadn't violated the conditions of his bail when he decided it was a good idea to take a field trip to a New York casino.

I was desperate because I wanted to make Tuxedo Junction work so bad. I was able to turn $500 into $20,000 at the baccarat tables.

Bick went on to talk about prison politics and how to survive your time in the big house. He said that he didn't associate with anyone, but was friendly to everyone, which helped him avoid confrontations with other prisoners.

Bick says he's working on a book deal and has been approached by producers for a possible movie or TV deal. He also wants to get back into the nightclub business. I have a question. Wasn't that the impetus that led him down that rocky cliff in the first place?