If you or someone you know plays Fortnite, there's a good chance your pretty much losing your mind right about now, as the site hosting the game has gone dark.

It happened Sunday with the conclusion of Season 10 of the popular on line game.

As Fortnite fans tuned in to take part in a special live event called "The End", a rocket blew up the landscape and players were sent into a black hole with no way to continue the game. So the "end event" turned out to be more literal then anyone thought.

According to mytwintiers.com, up to four hours after the game went down, there were still some 50,000 players watching the game’s live stream of the black hole on YouTube, with another 100,000 watching on Twitch.

It's also estimated that millions of gamer's tuned in for what was suppose to be the end of season 10, but as of now there's still no Fortnite to play leaving players wondering if the game is gone forever.

Fortnite's twitter page was also inundated with gamer's wondering what was going on. They were greeted there with the same black hole, and it seems the developer had already taken down some 12,000 tweets. If you check out the games main website, and even their Instagram page, you'll find the same black hole.

So what can fans of the game do now, will there be a new season to play?

According to gamespot.com, usually a new season of the game kicks off immediately, or within a day after the previous season ends, however, there have been times when the new season didn’t start until a couple of days later.

So are Fortnite players now without their favorite game, has it disappeared forever.... probably not. According to cnet.com, a popular on line gamer news site, it looks like there will be a season 11, and the best guess right now is the game will officially continue, but not until this Thursday October 17, so just stand by.