I am probably more excited than I should be, but I am so excited! I used to watch TGIF every Friday night when I was a kid and Full House was one of the staple shows that you had to watch. Everyone would be talking about it Monday morning at school, kind of like a tweens version of water cooler conversation.

Full House, Family Matters, Step-by-Step, and Boy Meets World are some of the shows that were popular during the TGIF years. With Girl Meets World and the Tanner clan coming back, I'm thinking they should resurrect TGIF.

I'd love to hear that theme song back on TV. Plus, all the themes of the shows were good themes with lessons. Yes, there was supper corny and sappy music that played when the main character of the episode learned their lesson, but that's why we loved the shows.

I've never hidden the fact that I watch Girl Meets World, because, I love that they bring back characters from Boy Meets World, and I will being tuning in to Fuller House once it is released on Netflix (February 26). It's fun to see how characters from your childhood turned out and I'm hoping the writers do justice to all of these characters and their stories.

Now we just need to see what Urkel is up to...

Here's the Fuller House Teaser Trailer.

And just because I want to see it, here's the TGIF theme song.

And because everyone needs a little Urkel in their life, here is a clip when he guest starred on Full House.

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