As I headed down to The Bronx to the home that Jeter built (Ruth built the old stadium) I wondered what it would be like to see Garth Brooks again.

Between last month's interview and this second chance to be together, he has met countless people, prepared for his Yankee Stadium shows, and performed in Las Vegas, yet Garth Brooks actually remembered me, and repeated the question that I had asked him last month. I can't say that I was surprised, because the impression that he left me with last month made me feel that he is all heart, and that he loves the human connection. He reaffirmed the impression of the man I met last month.

This time, I asked him about his relationship with Trisha Yearwood. He revealed a not-so-nice nickname that she has for him, and talked about what happens when she gets angry. Again, a down-to-earth conversation like I would have with any one of my friends.

Here's the interview with Garth Brooks from Yankee Stadium: