Tomorrow I will be among the crowd of reporters once again waiting for Garth Brooks to emerge from behind the doors of the press conference room at Yankee Stadium. So much has changed for me since we met. My life became a lot about Garth Brooks. The interview at the press conference last month which we posted on Youtube has over 31,000 views. That shows me how much this country icon is loved.

What the video shows is how down to earth he is, how he began interviewing me, instead of the other way around. He was interested in what I thought. I'm not sure how many people of his stature would act the same, especially after being interviewed by countless of others before me that day and spending more than two hours with a press conference.

The only way you knew that he was a star was by his big belt buckle, lol. Other than that, Garth Brooks talked with me about being a Billy Joel fan and about his sweet little granddaughter.

So, this afternoon, I've got some tickets to his Yankee Stadium concert to give away and tomorrow we'll be talking again. Stay tuned!

In case you want to see it, this was last month's video:

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