Ask any country artist who their musical heroes are, and one name is sure to be on almost every list: George Strait. The country icon has been making an impact on the genre for over four decades; even after he announced that he was retiring from touring in 2012, he's still known as "the King." Still, Strait admits that he doesn't really hear his influence when he flips on today's country music.

"I don’t see a lot of my influence out there in country music today, out there being played on the radio,” Strait tells the Dallas Observer. “The country music scene is always changing, and the music is always changing. I’ve seen the pendulum swing this way and back this way. It’s very country, and then not so country. I think right now it’s kind of trending back to more traditional country music, which is what I like and I like to do. So I’m glad to see that."

Strait goes on to admit that he doesn't listen to too much of the newer country music, opting instead for radio stations that play classic country, such as SiriusXM's Outlaw Country and Willie's Roadhouse channels. However, the "Blue Clear Sky" singer won't blame anyone for earning success in the industry.

"I can't put anybody down for having success in the business, which is just tough," Strait says. "And for someone to go out and have some success in the music business, more power to 'em. I'm not saying I have to like it, but I just know how tough it is."

One relative newcomer that Strait does admire is Kacey Musgraves, who is opening up for him during his string of shows in Las Vegas.

"She's great. We're doing a couple songs together in the show. She's a very good songwriter, very good performer, singer," Strait says of Musgraves, adding that she doesn't need any help from him. "She doesn’t need any advice from me. She's got it wired."

On Nov. 18, Strait will release a new box set, Strait Out of the Box: Part 2. The project is the followup to his 1995 box set, Strait Out of the Box.

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