This Sunday, Nov 6, Gerosa Records in Brookfield celebrates their 30 years in the vinyl record business, and we're all invited!

Before CDs were the new technology, vinyl records ruled the roost when it came to selecting your favorite songs and artists. In November of 1986, Brian Gerosa dared to open a record store at 246 Federal Road in Brookfield to try and compete with the corporate giants. Brian will tell you he initially started up Gerosa Records as a passion. As CDs took over and changed the way the majority of music lovers listened to their favorite tunes, those corporate giants went the way of the masses, eventually eliminating vinyl all together, but not Gerosa Records.

Gerosa Records - Credit Ethan Carey

According to, last year, vinyl revenues rose to an amazing $422.3 million in the United States alone. Vinyl records all but disappeared beginning in 2001 through 2007, but then in 2008, the vinyl comeback started to gain momentum. At the peak of vinyl's popularity in 1977-78, sales hit $2.78 billion.

Gerosa Records - Credit Ethan Carey

I remember introducing myself to Brian Gerosa back in 1986, when he opened his shop. He was a soft spoken man with a passion that he wanted to pass along to his customers. In 2016, he remains as laid back as I remember, and has passed along his love of vinyl to his son, Brian Jr., who also works at Gerosa.

Brian Gerosa - Photo Used by Permission of Gerosa Records

When I informed Brian of my desire to write a blog about his shop, he told me:

Vinyl is back with a vengeance, come on by so we can catch up.

When I did stop on by to snap some photos, he was wheelin' and dealin' on the phone. He did find the time to let me know that he's still surprised that many of his customers drive in from all over the tri-state area. He went on to tell me:

My out-of-state customers tell me our shop is worth traveling to, and that makes me happy, very very happy!

Gerosa Record's 30th Anniversary celebration will go on all day this Sunday, Nov. 6 at 246 Federal Road in Brookfield. As a special treat, the distinguished Tony Perrone Trio will perform from 5 until 8 PM.

Gerosa Records - Credit Ethan Carey