Today I wore a crown at the station for a good portion of the day. Why? Because it's National Prom Day!

I attended two proms while in high school. One was at a high school in a neighboring town, and the other was my senior prom. I remember a lot of dancing, and taking an insane amount of pictures, but I guess that's what prom is about; capturing memories and having fun.

Through the years, I managed to hold on to the souvenirs from both proms. They are champagne flutes with the year of the prom, and the name of the song for the theme of the prom. "Wonderful Tonight" and "I Will Remember You" were the songs for those proms, but I remember some other popular songs that played during the party. "The Macarena" and "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" are the two that stand out the most, especially given the years of the proms.

Since I'm feeling a little nostalgic, because of National Prom Day, let's take a quick trip back to the 90s. Here are some videos to bring us there.

What songs do you remember from your prom? If you didn't go to prom, what songs bring you back to high school?

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