If you are looking for something fun to do and/or something that will help other people, then you should make plans to attend Girls Night Out at the Ben's Bells studio.

According to the Bethel Patch, the event will take place on June 9, and founder Jeannette Mare will be a guest speaker. The Ben's Bells Project is something that was started after Mare's 2-year-old son, Ben, passed away. She explains on the website how the kindness they were shown after their son's death helped them cope. That's when they started the Ben's Bells Project, making these bells with clay and putting them all over Tucson (where they lived) for people to find. A message is also attached to each one.

Photo Credit: Liz Kaye

We found a Ben's Bell a few months ago and I was ecstatic. I have always wanted to find one and now a bell is hanging in our home for all who visit to see. Every time I look at it I smile, because I know it was made with kindness.

Photo Credit: Liz Kaye

We are lucky enough to have a studio close by, so if you ever want to volunteer to make a bell you don't have too far to go. They are always looking for people to help and a lot of people will get a group together and make it a fun group activity. That's kind of what June 9 will be with their Girls Night Out.

Here is the information for Girls Night Out:

  • It will happen at the Ben's Bells Bethel studio: 32 Stony Hill Road, Bethel, CT.
  • Registration is $30.
  • Seating is open, so they encourage arriving early.
  • You do not need any artistic ability.
  • Light refreshments will be served and you are welcome to bring your own beverages.
  • Jeannette Mare will be a guest speaker.
  • Those attending will get to paint kindness coins or beads that will be used for future bells.

If you are interested in registering you can do so online. For more information you can call 203-501-9999 or email ct@bensbells.org.

Have you ever made or found a Ben's Bell?

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