I have to say, I am completely heartbroken over the death of Glenn Frey. I was in the hallway at the radio station when I heard Large Dave breaking the news on the air on our sister station i95. I walked into the on-air studio and watched and listened as Dave spoke, just shaking my head. He kept looking up at me as he delivered that awful message, nodding his head. It's one of those moments where radio just isn't fun. I thought to myself, "How the heck do I go into the KICKS studio and do the same thing?! Glenn Frey is one of 'my' musicians."

(As you probably know, I'm very possessive when it comes to the musicians that I love.)

I've been on the air for many breaking sad and disastrous stories throughout my career. But this is Glenn! My Eagle! I loved his solo stuff, his writing, his personality, his style, even his Miami Vice days!

He's been sick for so many years but he never let us see him suffering. He was always Glenn Frey. He always had that mischievous sparkle in his eye and always that smile on his face-unless he was deep in song. That's when you could see that he 'felt' his music, it was who he was, it was in his veins.

I am thrilled that I did get the chance to see the Eagles live. What an amazing performance! One of my ultimate concert experiences.

There's definitely a Hole in the World and a Heartache Tonight because heaven has a New Kid in Town. I Wish You Peace, in fact, a Peaceful Easy Feeling. Take it Easy, Glenn, It's Your World Now.