Just when you think you can't take that I-84 drive through Waterbury any longer, the State Department of Transportation finally has some good news!

The gargantuan widening project of I-84 in Waterbury is ten months ahead of schedule. You don't hear news like that very often. According to Southeast Patch, Governor Malloy held a press conference this past Friday saying this project has created 250 on-site and off-site jobs in the area. He went on to tell the Southeast Patch:

The growth of our economy depends on these kinds of major upgrades, and our residents deserve nothing less than renewed infrastructure that advances progress, mitigates congestion, and creates jobs.

The project will widen and create a new traffic lane on I-84, improve state and local roads, construction/replacement of 8 highway bridges, the replacement and upgrades of new traffic signals, along with the creation of a pedestrian crossing over the Mad River. Here's a clip from WTNH News 8:

To put into perspective how much work has been done, according to John Dunham, the I-84 Waterbury District Engineer, since March of this year, 102,834 cubic yards of earth has been moved, 30,374 cubic yards of rocks have been removed. To give you a perspective of how much rock that really is, picture a football field filled with rocks 55-feet-deep.

The project, which is ten months ahead of schedule, but is still a pain in the ass to get through, should be completed by June of 2020. For more information about the I-84 Waterbury Project or to receive weekly updates click on i84waterbury.com