Recently, another report was released about the Zika Virus in Connecticut. This one involved a teenager from Danbury. It's why fight the bite is very important.

There are now four people confirmed with the Zika Virus in Connecticut. According to a story in the Hartford Courant, the most recent case is a teenager in Danbury. Scary stuff indeed.

On Tuesday, May 10, Connecticut's Governor Dan Malloy issued a press release urging Congress to act quickly and provide states with funding to help battle the Zika virus. Malloy says Connecticut has been taking steps to prepare for Zika, and Congress needs to help with funding to bolster emergency preparedness.

Malloy joined with many other governors, who are part of the National Governors Association, calling on Congress to act swiftly. I wasn't kidding when I said scary stuff. Part of the joint Governor's statement reads:

The nation is on the threshold of a public health emergency as it faces the likely spread of the Zika virus. As with all such emergencies, advance planning and preparation is essential to prevent injury and death.

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