My search for every single establishment in Connecticut selling whole-belly clam rolls led me to Newtown recently.

Photo by Large "Spudster" Dave

I've driven by this establishment many times over the years, but stupidly, have never visited. That all changed recently, my co-worker Sara works there, and she needed a ride in. I used this opportunity to make myself fatter with a Sunday brunch of Botsford Drive-In's finest.

Photo by Large "Two of each" Dave

I purchased the aforementioned whole belly clam roll, which was excellent at 9AM. The clams were fried perfectly, and a good amount of them on the roll. I slathered some tartar sauce on top and went to town. Delicious. I washed down the Clams with a couple of Botsford's signature hot dogs, I tried a chili, and a classic. Both were very good.

Photo by Large "Chicken melt" Dave

Botsford doesn't gouge you, which is surprising being that it's located in Fairfield County. Great food at a fair price, hmmmm, great concept!

Botsford Drive-In is located at 282 South Main Street (RT.25) in Newtown. I highly recommend stopping by and checking out their great food, and tip Sara a few extra bucks while you're there!