The applications for gun permits rose considerably in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shootings. So, where do we stand in 2016?

According to the NewsTimes, if the current request for gun permits continues as it has over the last five and a half years in Danbury and its seven surrounding towns, it will surpass 2013's trend by more than 30%.

Gun control legislation seems to be the trigger for people who currently don't own a firearm. These individuals now feel that they may lose their right to own a firearm to protect themselves, because of new gun control legislation. These same people lack the confidence in their government when it comes to protecting them from the upsurge in mass shootings and increased terrorism.

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Bethel Police Chief, Jeffrey Finch told the NewsTimes he has seen more gun permits issued in the first half of 2016, than in all of 2013. He said that people who have never owned a gun before are looking for protection, just in case. The trend across the country is that gun permit applications spike when there's a mass shooting.

But why are gun permit applications up across the greater Danbury area when serious crime is on the decline? Ridgefield has been named Connecticut's safest town many times over the years, and Danbury has one of the lowest crime rates in the state. The desire for a firearm all comes down to what's happening in the world. More unrest and more violence all around us translates into more requests for gun permits.