When you're just beginning your journey on the road to being a jack-ass, you're bound to trip and fall along the way.

From Fox 8 in Cleveland comes the story of a Connecticut man who allegedly made it his mission to call in threats to schools in Roxbury, Connecticut, but instead, police say he called the threats in to Roxbury Elementary School in Solon, Ohio. The nature of those threats is not known at this time. Obviously not in the know when it comes to asking for directory assistance, this ass-hat allegedly called the school district in Roxbury, Ohio, not just once but several times.

You would think that after being connected to Roxbury, Ohio schools instead of Roxbury, Connecticut, one would pause and reflect on how he might have phoned the wrong Roxbury school. A couple of reasons come to mind. Low S.A.T scores perhaps? Or maybe he fell and hit his head. There are four public schools in Roxbury, CT and he wasn't able to connect with just one?! My intention is not to diminish the severity of threatening any school, but only to make fun of this lost individual.

Thank God there weren't any threats made to the students. According to Fox 8, the man accused has not been identified, and it looks like he will be charged in both Connecticut and Solon, Ohio where the threats were made. I'm hoping he's evaluated by a psychiatric professional and understands that what he's accused of is so very wrong.

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