Swastikas have been drawn on homes and cars in Danbury.

From the Danbury Patch and ctpost.com comes two articles about repulsive hate crimes randomly happening around the Danbury area. Over the weekend, there was a swastika painted on a house and car on Division St. A white Mazda had a black swastika painted on its side and a swastika was scratched onto the side of a Catholic Charities van.

Why? I don't understand why? Is the motivation for these hate crimes the election of Trump for President? Is it because Trump has named Steve Bannon, a member of the alternative right, which has been associated with white supremacism, islamophobia, and anti-feminism? Is it because the individuals who choose to believe these ideologies, do so because they were brought up in homes with parents that taught that same thing? I think it's all of the above.

Imagine if you lived in a world where the white man was the minority race, where every person of color was accepted as equal. In this imaginary world, the white race was deemed inferior. Even though you knew deep in your heart, as a white man, you were not a second class citizen and should be treated equally. This is exactly how people of color feel every day because of individuals like David Duke and Patrick Buchanan along with groups like the KKK. If you get the chance, check out the movie, White Man's Burden from 1995.

How do we fix it, or, for that matter, is it even fixable? These types of hate crimes aren't exclusive to Connecticut, they're happening all over the country. In your heart, believe what you feel is right, but as human beings shouldn't we respect each other's beliefs without resorting to violence? Just sayin'.