Now, you don't need me to tell you this, because you knew it already, but according to the 2018 Safe Driving Report, Connecticut Drivers are the most unsafe in the entire U.S.

It seems like every month or so, there's a report or survey that comes out telling us how bad the drivers in Connecticut are. If you do any type of daily driving in the state, then I'm sure you'll agree.

According to, who broke the story this week, the latest report released by EverQuote found out that the drivers in the Northeast have the lowest safe driving ratings.

These rating were based on a number of different factors like Speed, Phone Use, Hard Braking, Acceleration, and Hard Turning. Sounds like a typical rush hour commute around here. It was quite an extensive study that was compiled from 781 million miles worth of driving data from 2017.

So, how bad are the drivers in Connecticut? Well, the drivers only scored a 71.6 out of a possible 100. It doesn't get much better as you head east, as Rhode Island had a total score of 71.7, just a tenth of a point better than Connecticut.

Now compared with the folks in Montana and Wyoming, who both tied for the top spot, and best driving honors with an 89.4, we've got a ways to go to climb out of the basement, but then again did you ever drive in Montana or Wyoming? Enough said.

Do you think Connecticut drivers are really that bad? Leave a comment, but please not while your driving.

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