You want to win the next Powerball drawing, well here's a way you can guarantee to get all the numbers.


There is one little catch. It's going to cost you some money. Of course you know the old saying, you have to spend money to make money. Unfortunately you'll need a lot of money, and this is probably not the best idea cause you could wind up losing more money then you make.

Here's the EVERY existing combination of numbers and you'll guarantee a win.

image courtesy of ct lottery

According to, it would cost $584 million to buy every combination . . . and you'd need a whole army of people buying them around the clock to have enough time to buy all 292 million tickets.

Right now the lump-sum jackpot payment is estimated to be about $868 million, which would give you a $284 million profit if you bought every ticket. Now here's the catch.

If any OTHER person hits the jackpot and you have to split it, you go from a $284 million win to at least a $100 million loss.  All it would take is one other winner to make your $584 million investment unprofitable. And you've only got a 22% chance of being the only winner which makes it a TERRIBLE bet.

(Photo by Joshua Lott/Getty Images)

So though it's technically feasible to guarantee yourself a lottery victory, realistically, it's not. Now if really need the satisfaction of knowing you hit the mother of all Powerball jackpots then knock yourself out. Just remember there's a really good possibility that your name will be ranked with the biggest lottery losers of all time as well.

Good luck, we're all counting on you !!!!


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