This is truly one of those, "Are you kidding me?" moments. Beware of the danger below you.

Can you imagine having the very foundation that holds your home up slowly crumbling away? What happens when your place becomes worthless?

In a story covered by the Hartford Courant, hundreds, possibly thousands of Connecticut homes are losing their value very quickly due to foundation damage. The issue has become so involved, that the state has even created an official web page addressing the problem. You can check it out at

According to the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection, there is a quarry business and a concrete maker that may have compromised up to 20,000 homes. You can issue a complaint on this form at

As you can imagine, as the problem grows, so do legal and financial issues. Not to mention the toll it takes on a homeowners emotional state of mind. So much so, that it has prompted the start of a website called Connecticut Coalition Against Crumbling Basements, 

This all adds up to a serious enough problem that Connecticut is looking to get help from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.