If you're going to have a Bacon and Brew Fest, then, obviously, you have to have a lot of bacon infused foods, but I've never had bacon ice cream. Well, not until today.

We've already proved that everyone loves bacon. You can offer bacon to just about anyone and they would thanks you for it. But how about something completely different? I'm talking maple bacon ice cream.

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Now, I've never had it before, nor can I say it's something I really ever thought of. Bacon is for breakfast, for sandwiches, and for casseroles. I have, however, heard of this kind of strange concoction, but never really had the craving for it. When I heard Ralph the Ice Cream Guy was coming by with maple bacon ice cream, I was somewhat curious to actually give it a try:

They say the proof is in the pudding. Well, this time, it's in the ice cream, and as far as bacon ice cream goes, all I have to say is: I'm a-tastin' and I'm a-likin'.

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