Over the last couple of weeks, we've all heard about the catastrophic California Wildfires. In fact, they have become the most destructive and deadly in the state's history. If the fires struck our area, how much of Danbury would be consumed?

Since November 8, the fires have spread across more than 230,000 acres or about 364 square miles. Here's the latest breakdown of the numbers as of Thursday, November 15th:

Camp Fire

  • Location: Butte County
  • 140,000 acres burned
  • 40 percent contained
  • 56 fatalities confirmed
  • 10,321 structures destroyed (including homes)

Woolsey Fire

  • Location: Los Angeles County, Ventura County
  • 98,362 acres burned
  • 57 percent contained
  • 3 fatalities confirmed
  • 435 structures destroyed, 57,000 in danger

These fires have now become California's deadliest and most destructive on record. Most of the fires have now been contained, but at their peak how much of an area would be affected if those same fires happened in the Danbury area.

To give you a better idea of just how enormous these fires really are, NBC put together an interactive map that allows you to compare the size of the three California wildfires, Camp Fire, Woolsey Fire, and Hill Fire, and plot them on a map so you can compare the scale with any area.

Check out the scale of the fires as we compare them to the Danbury area:

The first comparison is the 'Camp Fire' in Northern California. This fire was 201 square miles as of Tuesday, Nov. 13. That’s 4.8 times the size of Danbury’s 42 land square miles.

NBC Interactive Image

The next comparison is the 'Woolsey Fire' located near Los Angeles. The Woolsey was 156 square miles as of Tuesday, Nov. 13. That’s 3.7 times the size of Danbury’s 42 land square miles.

NBC Interactive Image

The final comparison is the 'Hill Fire'. The Hill was 7 square miles as of Tuesday, Nov. 13. That’s 0.2 times the size of Danbury’s 42 land square miles.

NBC Interactive Image

The cause of these fires has been traced back to faulty power lines, and today according to CBS News, a new lawsuit filed claims Pacific Gas & Electric, a major utility company, is to blame for the fires after allegedly failing to inspect and properly maintain its power lines.